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Become MI K20 explorer for XIOMI

Xiomi brings Mi Explorers 2019 for Indian residents

You can register for the explorer program below

Register Now!

Before registering read below instructions carefully:

  • The fun-filled, super exciting and most challenging competition to explore the unexplored 'Mi Explorers 2019'.

Registration Timeline

Registration process for Mi Explorers starts today i.e. 20th June and ends on 22nd June 2019 at 23:59:59 hrs (IST). 

So without further ado, go ahead and register now. Note that you need to furnish all the required information in order to be shortlisted.

Available Slots

Only 48 applicants will be shortlisted as Mi Explorers.

Selection Criteria

During the selection process, applicant's Mi Community profile, as well as social media handles, will be evaluated in order to find out their level of engagement, competency, & ability to generate quality submissions in the context of 'Mi Explorers 2019', so we would like to request you to keep all your social media handles open to public.

Announcement Date

We will send email to notify all the qualified applicants on 25th June, so don't forget to check your email inbox.


The application is open only for Indian nationals.

Only the selected users will get a chance to be one of the Mi Explorer, and the application doesn't guarantee a selection.

Details provided by the applicants during the registration process, cannot be modified later.

We will send an email to notify all qualified applicants on 25th June. Shortlisted applicants need to follow the instructions mentioned in the email regarding Mi Explorers participation requirements and time-frame.

Following the confirmation, sudden cancellation is not allowed and the shortlisted candidate will not be eligible to register to any Xiaomi events in the future.

By signing the NDA, shortlisted candidate agree not to leak any details in regards to the product, including the product name/images/screenshots/others on any platform without Xiaomi's permission. 

We support fair practices and therefore, only individuals can participate in the Mi Explorers program. Group participation, Xiaomi staff, event organizers, distributors, and Xiaomi affiliated employees are not eligible to participate.

All selected 'Mi Explorers' need to complete a series of missions. The mission details, timelines, and the mission format will be shared on the mission thread and are subject to change. Stay tuned to Mi Community for further information.

All missions need to be submitted on/before the deadline and will be monitored closely.

Explorers acquire points by accomplishing missions, and by the number of likes received on their completed missions.

Points & likes will relate to rankings and will be the deciding factor.

The collected information will solely be used for Mi Explorers 2019.

Xiaomi has ownership to keep and use your submitted content, to change, to re-use, to reproduce without prior notice. Xiaomi has the right to collect your personal data for contact purpose and check your given social media handles.

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